Chris Danek (chrisdanek) wrote in audiclub,
Chris Danek


Is this community still alive? I'm purchasing an RS4 in a couple months (deposit already made), and was looking for knowledgeable Audi owners to discuss modification. I'm intending on putting an S/C and wetshot NOS kit on it - hoping for 800+ streetable hp. :)

So... ping?
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Yeah, NOS, that's exactly what the RS4 needs. What a waste.
A new RS4? With NOS? You are risking to lose guarantee
Great, glad to see the trolls are still around. :)

A) I'm not concerned with the guarantee. This is a project car.

B) Nitrous is actually great in conjunction with any sort of forced induction as it cools the intake charge, allowing for more boost, more fuel, more power. Besides, it's an easy bolt-on modification for power. I'm not sure why it has such a social stigma attached to it.
Jealousy is my guess. ;)

To be sure, it's a risk in terms of potential damage to an otherwise completely adequately-powered $80,000 car ... but your money, your sled, your risks.

I'd be quite jazzed to see your project car as it goes through modification and full roadtest here in this community. Do keep us posted!
Adequate is totally relative. :)

The risk generally associated with NOS is related to the large number of people tossing (large) dry-shot NOS kits and just putting bigger injectors in. Again, generally speaking, this is a prime recipe for disaster as you rely on the injectors providing the duty cycle required in an inexact measurement (putting colder, more dense air past the MAF sensor). If your ECU doesn't keep up, you're going to lean out your mix very quickly, and pop goes the piston.

Going with a two stage direct port wet shot will generally ensure that you have no fuel problems (read: no destroyed pistons) and have a nice smooth delivery. It might be a bit expensive, but it's the best way to go, I think.

I may get the ports drilled under the manifold so no one can see the plumbing if the engine bay is opened. :) The true sleeper.

Ooooh ... awesome.

Most def, keep this community posted on your mods! :)
Pong! lol, couldn't resist.

BUt the reason NOS has a social stigma to it, well, because in most places it's not really legal for street purposes. it's supposed to be for racing applications only. But hey, if i could get away with it, i'd probally put it in my car just for quicker passes on the highway.
Still here. Make sure you post pics of the buildup! Good luck!
I wish I had your cash to throw around. Also in Australia the moment you add something like NOS the car is no longer road legal...

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