A raging beast with nothing to hide... (bolddeciever) wrote in audiclub,
A raging beast with nothing to hide...

1985 4000S Quattro question

My 1985 4000S Quattro is having electrical problems, and I'm currently in the process of troubleshooting the various possible causes. Have a sneaking suspiscion it might be the voltage regulator, though, and my father, who knows a lot more about cars than I, concurs.

What I was wondering is if anyone has a copy of the Chilton's guide for that car who might be able to give me a general idea of what all goes into replacing the voltage regultor on that car. No need for great detail -- I probably should get a shop manual myself anyways -- I just want to have an idea of how much time, effort, and expertise goes into such a repair in what I've found is, even with all its strengths as a car, a bit of a pain to work on (as anyone will know who has tried to replace even an air filter in a mid-80s Quattro).

Thanks in advance.
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