Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in audiclub,
Living a Life of Chaos

1996 A6 Quattro Problems

We recently became proud owners of a 1996 Audi A6 Quattro. Well, not not terribly proud at this particular moment as it died less than 24 hours after we acquired it. Several test drives over a 5 month period failed to reveal some major problems. Initially we noticed that it had a very slight oil leak and pulled a bit to the right. Both problems easy to fix and we had already planned on sinking some cash into it anyway.

The first day out (like literally off the lot) I noticed some electrical problems. Wipers not working, air conditioning not working, lights not working, sun roof opening randomly and being told constantly that it was out of oil. (It wasn't.) Why it didn't manifest these things until after the paperwork was signed, the gods only know.

I did some research and discovered that nearly all of the problems were related to a recall on the ignition switch. The next day it refused to turn over. It could be jumped and then it could never be jumped again. We checked the battery, found it to be bad and purchased a new one. Powered up normally, but wouldn't do anything beyond that. Wouldn't even crank.

Turned out the recall had already been used back in 1997, but that it was possible the switch could still be bad. The dealer ordered us the new switch from Audi, my husband drove an hour away to pick it up and then proceeded to replace the switch. It was discovered that the switch itself was DEFINITELY cracked. Fortunately, the new switch is not supposed to crack. Not only that, all the electrical problems are gone. Everything else works normally.

But the car still won't start. Won't even crank. When you turn it on, you don't even get the click that says it's trying to start. It's just dead. Except for the radio, lights, A/C, etc. That stuff works perfectly.

I've searched and searched and can't find any idea of what could be wrong. And the Haynes Manual seems to be difficult to find for this particular car.

Like I said, we had already intended on taking it to an Audi mechanic to get it brought back up to speed but that's difficult to do when it won't start. And towing it there would be quite a bit of money we'd rather not spend. We just want to be able to get it there. My husband is in love with this car and honestly, we'd rather not have to fight with the dealer to take it back seeing as how our state has no lemon laws on new cars.
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