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Something mysterious...

The electrical system in my car has been behaving oddly.

The problem is intermittent; sometimes it will start from the moment I start the car, sometimes it will start later in the trip, sometimes it won't happen at all. The main manifestation involves my stereo (I first thought it might be a prob with the stereo; more later on why I doubt it now). What happens is, whenever I do something that puts any load on the charging system, the radio will turn off for just an instant; it's right back on, like if I just quickly pressed the power button twice. This happens if I turn the headlights on, roll down the windows, even if I turn the dashboard fan on high; I've also noticed it happening when the aux fan cycles. I was initially worried it might be the charging system trouble I had before rearing its head again, but the cockpit voltmeter shows a steady 12+, even on long stop/go trips, and I haven't had any trouble starting or anything.

This had happened twice (last Friday night going out, though it was fine going home that night, and Monday evening at the tail end of my commute) when, on Tuesday morning, when I started the car I noticed that my radio presets and stereo clock had reset, as if they'd had current completely interrupted some time in the night. As I drove I noticed that the clock in the dashboard trip computer had reset too (why I'm hesitant to blame the stereo itself).

If I could be sure this was all, I wouldn't be terribly worried; it's annoying, but bearable. But if it's either (A) easily solved or (B) a warning sign of something worse I'd like to know.

Any idea about this mysterious syndrome?
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